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Faqs Section

DigitalAdMedia is an innovative Performance Ad Network that helps publishers to generate more revenues, using a geo-targeted Ad-Serving technology. RevenueHits assist publishers to monetize various online assets, including websites, add-ons, mobile sites, widgets, toolbars and many more.
Absolutely nothing! Sign up and start earning without a single fee.

Publisher FAQs Section

With millions of impressions a day, DigitalAdMedia promises 100% fill on ALL GEOS, based on a huge pool of offers from a variety of advertisers and networks worldwide.
No special technical expertises are needed to become a DigitalAdMedia publisher.
DigitalAdMedia has a strict policy of restricting ads on websites that may contain sexual material, violent content, malware, spyware, adware, bot - Non Human traffic or potentially harmful activities.
We recommend placing upto 3 banners on a page. Placing more may damage the performance.

Advertiser FAQs Section

The minimum deposit amount for advertisers is $200.
As soon as it's funded and reviewed. We do our best to review campaigns as quickly as possible.
Yes, our self-serve system will let you stop a campaign and refund it back to your balance at anytime.
We accept PayPal & Bank Transfers.

Technical FAQS Section

DigitalAdMedia uses JavaScript tag formats that seamlessly integrates into any site or app. If for any reason, a different format is needed, please contact us with details about your needs.
DigitalAdmedia supports all common banner dimensions, as well as Pops & Interstitial formats.
First, note that passwords are case-sensitive. Second, try re-setting your password following the 'Reset Password' on DigitalAdMedia login page. If resetting the password doesn't help, please contact DigitalAdMedia using the Contact-Us form.

Payment FAQS Section

DigitalAdMedia pays in net 30 terms. For example, January earnings will be paid not later than end of February. 'Earnings' per month are your revenues for the current period. The accumulated 'Balance' will be paid in the following month.
DigitalAdMedia pays PayPal or Bank Transfers. Please make sure your payment details are accurate at all time, under 'Billing information' in the 'Account Info' section.
Your revenues are calculated once a day and become available until 12pm IST. Although revenues are updated daily, they are still subject to a monthly audit before becoming final. Since stats are gathered from different advertisers and agencies, please allow up to 2 days for stats-update to complete.
Payments are made every 15 days (excluding weekends), with only a $10 minimum payout. Get paid with Paypal or Bank Transfer. Premium Account holders have other payment terms (Please contact your dedicated account manager for details.)

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